Top Dance Studio in Winnipeg



Interested in dancing at Kickit Dance Studio? Find out what our clients have to say about their experience at the studio! (Comments are from the Top Choice Award 2019 Results)

Great teachers. I love that it is such an encouraging place to be. Excellence is a goal but not at the expense of the experience. – Cynthia


Solid technical instruction. Open communication. Organized. Inclusive of all students. Positive environment. – Faith


The technique this is being taught is exceptional and done with excellence. Every teacher is kind but firm, is fun but also hard

working, they command excellence and discipline from each student and the students thrive from it. – Anonymous

Amazing instructors, great environment and support for young boys, responsible, easy to talk with all levels of staff, easy online system, great locations, clean, supportive to every level and dancer and every ability. – Janette


This studio continues to demonstrate principles that resonate with those we want our children to see and be a part of. Some of which include leadership, mentorship, 

dependability and integrity. – Carol


They treat their dancers very well and really care. Their technique is fantastic. Instructors are very knowledgeable and the friendly. Kickit really takes the time to know their families – Kelly

Kickit is a family, it an amazing studio that makes you feel right at home. The instructors are phenomenal and real leaders and role models for their students. – John


This studio has a body positive culture. The students are nurtured, valued, encouraged and challenged. The level of teaching is fabulous and is reflected in the top marks and awards received year after year at competitions. I wouldn’t have my daughter dance

anywhere else – proud dance mom

Appreciate the professional attitude of the staff, both in the studio and in the office, clean and bright facilities; age-appropriate choreography and music; personal attention to dancers. – Amber

At Kickit everyone is supported and loved. It is one big family. The teachers are so much fun and truly care for their dancers. They teach you the importance of dance in our lives and how to look good and have fun at the same time. – Anonymous


Great instructors at all levels including pre-school. Very encouraging and dynamic.

– Brenda


Excellent instructors that will provide one on one support when needed. Very energetic and polite staff. Kids never want to miss a class. - Anonymous

We love their welcoming space and dedication of their instructors – Caroline


Very professional & consistent. My kids love the way they teach even my little boy. – Chona


My daughter has been dancing with Kickit for 8 years now. Staff are so welcoming, recognizing students’ strengths and always make ALL students feel wanted. The dance learning environment engages ALL dancers and offers excellent dance education and personal growth skills. – Dorothy

Best instructors, fun, talented and hardworking people. Great choreography. – Ellen


The instructors enthusiastically teach dance and genuinely care about the students. 

– Kevin


Three of my children dance at Kickit studio. My son, who has always wanted to dance, quite hockey to join Kickit and has never looked back! This studio is inclusive of everyone and makes every child feel like a great dancer! Kickit has allowed my children to love dance, always feel included and I truly see the joy they feel while they are at their classes!!! Kickit is an amazing studio with amazing teachers! – Andrea

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