2017/2018 AWARDS


Overall Awards

Overall Intermediate Line Group

1st The Anthem

Overall Pre-Teen Line Group

1st Pride

2nd The Scene

3rd Playground Kids

4th Aagaman

5th Falling Slowly

Overall Teen Line Group

1st Bad Boy For Life

Overall Intermediate Large Group

4th Boogie Shoes

Overall Teen Large Group

4th Robotico

Overall Senior Large Group 

1st Righteous 

Overall Junior Small Group

3rd Sur la Plage

4th Pick a Pocket

Overall Intermediate Small Group 

5th Juicy

Overall Pre-Teen Small Group

2nd Waiting 

4th Driven

Overall Teen Small Group

1st Of Dreams

Overall Senior Small Group

1st Carry me Home

2nd Raise the Dead

3rd Link

4th Singing in the Rain

5th Archetype

Overall Pre-Comp Awards

1st Survive

2nd The Garden

3rd Whuteva

Overall Solo/Duo/Trio Awards

Juliet  "Crazy Little Thing" 1st Overall Pre-Comp Junior Solo

Izzy  "Life of the Party" 2nd Overall Pre-Comp Teen Solo

Avery  "Type of Way" 3rd Overall Pre-Comp Intermediate Solo

Isabel/Juliet/Ella "Shake Your Tail Feather" 2nd Overall Pre-Comp Junior Duo/Trio

Ramsey/Grayson/Christopher "Questions" 3rd Overall Pre-Comp Junior Duo/Trio

Brenna/Corinne/Olivia "Material Girls" 3rd Overall Pre-Comp Pre-Teen Duo/Trio

Jordyn "Bossy" 2nd Overall Junior Solo

Quinn "Naughty" 2nd Overall Intermediate Solo

Alexis "Boreas" 1st Overall Pre-Teen Solo

Sara  "Cybernetics" 3rd Overall Teen Solo

Sara "Iconic" 2nd Overall Teen Solo

Dayna "Rhythm" 5th Overall Senior Solo

Shannon "Tidal Wave" 4th Overall Senior Solo

Gabriela "Fancy Footwork" 3rd Overall Senior Solo

Laura "I'm Shooting High" 1st Overall Senior Solo

Annika "Here I Come" 5th Overall Advanced Solo

Annika "Kitri" 4th Overall Advanced Solo

Annika "Trapped Between" 3rd Overall Advanced Solo

Annika "Human" 2nd Overall Advanced Solo

Annika "Vienna" 1st Overall Advanced Solo

Grayson/Zachary/Owen "High Adventure" 5th Overall Junior Duo/Trio

Marcus/Tyrell/Maclean "Peter Piper" 4th Overall Intermediate Duo/Trio

Marcus/William "Me and My Shadow" 1st Overall Pre-teen Duo/Trio

Tyler/Sara "One and Only" 5th Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Sabrina/Sara/Thea "These Three" 4th Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Laura/Arabella "Tip Tap Toe" 3rd Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Annika/Laura/Camryn "Razzled" 5th Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Ally/Shannon "The Bridge Between" 3rd Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Gabriela/Dayna/Laura "Grenade" 2nd Overall Senior Duo/Trio

Annika/Gabriela/Camryn "Rabbit Run" 1st Overall Senior Duo/Trio

CanDance (Regina SK)

Overall Awards

Overall Junior Line Group

3rd The Anthem

Overall Senior Line Group

1st Bad Boy For Life

2nd Evil Rising

3rd Interlocking

Overall Senior Large Group

1st Robotico

3rd Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

Overall Senior Small Group

2nd Carry me Home

Overall Solo/Duo/Trio

Annika "Human" 9th Overall Senior Solo

Dayna "Rhythm" 8th Overall Senior Solo 4th Runner-Up Senior Miss 

Shannon "Tidal Wave" 6th Overall Senior Solo 2nd Runner-Up Senior Miss

Sara "Beats" 8th Overall Teen Solo

Sara "Cybernetics" 3rd Overall Teen Solo1st Runner-Up Teen Miss

Alex "Telly" 3rd Runner-Up Teen 

William "If My Friends Could See Me Now" 2nd Runner-Up Teen Mr 

Tyler "Identity" 1st Runner-Up Teen Mr

Marcus "That Thing You Do" 6th Overall Junior Solo1st Runner-Up Junior Mr

Zachary "When I Get My Name in Lights" 2nd Runner-Up Junior Mr

Madeline "Happy Feet" 5th Overall Junior Solo 3rd Runner-Up Junior Miss

Maclean/Tyrell/Marcus "Peter Piper" Overall Junior Duo/Trio

Sara/Sabrina/Thea "These Three" 2nd Overall Teen Duo/Trio

Laura/Arabella "Tip Tap Toe" 2nd Overall Senior Duo

Dance Canada

Overall Awards

Overall Line Group 11-12

1st The Anthem 

Overall Line Group 13-15

1st Pride

2nd The Scene

3rd Falling Slowly

Overall Line Group 16+

1st Bad Boy For Life

2nd Evil Rising

3rd Righteous

Overall Large Group 11-12

1st Let it Bump

2nd Juicy

3rd Scratch

Overall Large Group 16+

3rd Carry me Home

Overall Solo/Duo/Trio

Olivia/Hana/Kristina 2nd overall Pre-Competitive 8 and under Duo/Trio

Natalie 3rd overall Pre-Competitive 9-10 Solo

Izzy 1st overall Pre-Competitive 13-15 Solo

Brenna/Corinne/Olivia 3rd overall Pre-Competitive 16 and over Duo/Trio

Jordyn 2nd overall 9-10 Soloist

Madeline 2nd overall 11-12 Solo

Tyrell 1st overall 13-15 Solo

Arabella 2nd overall 13-15 Solo

Sara 2nd overall 13-15 Solo

Sara 3rd overall 13-15 Solo

Sara/Thea/Sabrina 1st overall 13-15 Duo/Trio

Sara/Tyler 2nd overall 13-15 Duo/Trio

Dayna 2nd overall 16 and over Solo

Karissa 2nd overall 16 and over Soloist

Annika 3rd overall 16 and over Soloist

Ally/Shannon 1st overall 16 and over Duo/Trio

Gabriella/Annika/Camryn 2nd overall 16 and over Duo/Trio

Laura/Arabella 3rd overall 16 and over Duo/Trio