2017/2018 AWARDS

Midwest Stars

Overall Large Groups

2nd Pre-Teen Large Group "Let it Bump"

5th Pre-Teen Large Group "Disco Inferno"

4th Teen Large Group Iris

Overall Small Groups

1st Mini Small Group "Ride"

2nd Pre-Teen "Arachnophobia" 

Overall Solo/Duo/Trio

2nd Mini Solo Macyn "9 to 5"

3rd Mini Solo Katianna "Yeah"

4th Mini Solo (Pre-Comp) Greta "Little People"

2nd Pre-Teen Solo Lindsay "Miss New Rhythm"

5th Pre-Teen Solo (Novice) Mackaila "Neat to be a Newsie"

1st Teen Solo Sydney "Illumination"

2nd Teen Solo (Novice) Emma "The Power of Love"

3rd Mini Duo Ashley/Greta "Let's Get Loud"

4th Pre-Teen Duo Alexa/Annabelle "Allegretto"

Dance Canada

Overall Large Groups

1st 8 & Under Large Group "Ride"

2nd 9 to 10 Large Group "Arachnophobia"

Overall Solo/Duo/Trio

1st 9 to 10 Duo Alexa/Annabelle "Allegretto"

3rd 8 & Under Duo Ashley/Greta "Lets Get Loud"

2nd 8 & Under Solo Katianna "Yeah"

3rd 8 & Under Solo Macyn "9 o 5"

3rd 9 to 10 Solo Lindsay "Miss New Rhythm"

3rd 9 to 10 Solo Molly "Rosie the Riveter"

1st 11 to 12 Solo Aliya "I Try"

2nd 13 & Over (Novice) Sydney "Illumination"

3rd 13 & Over (Novice) Sydney "Glam"


Overall Large Groups

3rd 10 & Under "Disco Inferno"