Kickit Dance Studio - VIEW Top Studio Award 2019
(Highest Top 10 Overall Scores)


View Highest Overall Scores
(Out of all categories from solo to extended lines)

Senior Category – Don Quixote-Kitri’s Variation Act 3 – Kazuki N (Pointe Solo)
Teen Category – Man in The Mirror – Sara B (Hip Hop Solo)
Intermediate Category – Tha Bruna Effect (Intermediate Hip Hop Extended Line)
Junior Category – My New Philosophy – Rylee G (Musical Theatre Solo)


Top Line/Extended Line Score
Keep it Trill (Advanced Hip Hop)


Top Large Group Score
Michael (Advanced Tap)


Top Small Group Score
Remote Control (Boys Hip Hop)


Top Trio Score
Lean Back – Sabrina B, Théa F, Sara B (Hip Hop)


Choreography Award
Hurt (Advanced Contemporary)
Choreographed by Miss Lori Watson


Costume Award
Aaje Nachle (Bollywood)


Teen Line/Extended Line Overalls
1st Place – Keep it Trill (Advanced Hip Hop)
2nd Place – Hurt (Advanced Contemporary)
3rd Place – Shinobi (Advanced Jazz)
4th Place – White Flag (Advanced Lyrical)


Junior Line/Extended Line Overalls

2nd Place – When You’re a Wimp (Competitive Musical Theatre 1)
3rd Place – Lil Soldiers (Pre-Intermediate2 Hip Hop)
5th Place – Aaje Nachle (Pre-Intermediate 2/3 Bollywood)


Teen Large Group Overalls
1st Place – Michael (Advanced Tap)
5th Place – Toxic (Advanced Acro)


Pre-Teen Large Group Overalls
1st Place – Boys will be Boys (Boys Hip Hop)
3rd Place – Forgot About Dre (Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop)
4th Place – I Was Made for Loving You (Intermediate/Advanced Lyrical)
5th Place – The Manuscript (Intermediate/Advanced Ballet)


Teen Small Group Overalls
1st Place – Remote Control (Boys Hip Hop)
2nd Place – Nowhere Now Here (Advanced Contemporary)
4th Place – The Rhythm Speaks (Advanced Tap)
5th Place – I Will Wait (Advanced Lyrical)


Intermediate Small Group Overall
2nd Place – Moses (Intermediate Tap)


Junior Small Group Overall
4th Place – B.O.B. (Pre-Intermediate 2 Hip Hop)


Teen Trio Overall
1 st Place – Lean Back – Sabrina B, Théa F, Sara B (Hip Hop)


Pre-Teen Trio Overalls
1st Place – These Three – Maclean F, Marcus Z, Tyrell D (Hip Hop)
2nd Place – Czardas – Annika M, Elizabeth S, Samantha K (Ballet)
4th Place – Odalisques – Jenna S, Kelsey S, Kya M (Ballet)


Intermediate Trio Overalls
2nd Place – At the Ascot – Breeka G, Jessica L, Olivia B (Pointe)
4th Place – Inspector Gadget – Grayson M, Olivia S, Tressa M (Tap)
5th Place – Matchmaker – Abigall L, Heather K, Olivia S (Musical Theatre)


Junior Trio Overall
3rd Place – Shake the Room – Cassie H, Ella K, Juliet M (Jazz)


Teen Duo Overall
3rd Place - Stay – Sara B, Tyler E (Lyrical)


Pre-Teen Duo Overall
1st Place – Rhythm is a Dancer – William W, Marcus Z (Tap)


Advanced Solo Overall
4th Place – And So it Goes – Annika M (Lyrical)


Senior Solo Overalls
1st Place – Don Quixote – Kazuki N (Pointe)
2nd Place – Nanou – Karissa B (Contemporary)
3rd Place – Got Beat – Haley M (Jazz)
4th Place – Reminiscence – Brianna S (Contemporary)
5th Place – Everlasting Light - Shannon W (Contemporary)


Teen Solo Overalls
1st Place – Man in the Mirror – Sara B (Hip Hop)
2nd Place – U-Rite – Théa F (Hip Hop)
4th Place – Certified Air Raid – Sara B (Contemporary)


Pre-Teen Solo Overall
3rd Place – Unstoppable – Alexis G (Acro)


Intermediate Solo Overall
2nd Place – I Know Things Now – Quinn D (Musical Theatre)
4th Place – Money – Kaleigh S (Hip Hop)


Junior Solo Overall
1st Place – My New Philosophy – Rylee G (Musical Theatre)



Pre-Competitive Teen Small Group Overall
2nd Place – Piece by Piece (Intermediate/Advanced 6 Lyrical)


Intermediate Small Group Overall
1st Place – Super Lit (Intermediate 2 Hip Hop)


Pre-Teen Trio Overalls
1st Place – 2K – Anneka R, Hunter B, Madelyn W (Hip Hop)
2nd Place – True Colours – Chaplynn F, Karlie S, Keanna G (Lyrical)
3rd Place – Nonstop – Carter M, Dylan S, Matteo S (Hip Hop)


Intermediate Duo Overall
1st Place – Big Bank – Emerie P, Natalie G (Hip Hop)


Intermediate Solo Overall
2nd Place – Tambourine – Brooklyn M (Hip Hop)



VIEW Top Novice Mini Line/Ext Line
That Thing You Do (Invitational 1 Jazz)


VIEW Top Novice Junior Line/Ext Line
Up in Here (Invitational 2 Hip Hop)


VIEW Top Novice Score
Policeman (Invitational 4 Hip Hop)


Novice Choreography Award
I Like That (Invitational 3 Hip Hop)
Choreographed by Miss Abby Sagun


(Total of 10 awarded)

Théa F – Copycat (Jazz Solo)
Brianna S – Fly (Lyrical Solo)
Elizabeth S – Minute Man (Hip Hop Solo)
Sara B – Certified Air Raid (Contemporary Solo)
Karissa B – Nanou (Contemporary Solo)