2016/2017 AWARDS

VIEW Dance Challenge 2017 Overall Awards

Showdown Winner
Feathers & Talons (Jazz Line)

Junior Overall
These Three (Hip Hop Trio - Maclean/Marcus/Tyrell)

Teen Overall
One Nation (Hip Hop Line)

Professional Overall
Brandon (Hip Hop Solo)

Overall Novice Mini Large Group
ABC (Tap)

Overall Novice Extended Mini Line Group
Wake Me Up (Jazz)

Overall Novice Extended Junior Line Group
Footloose (Jazz)

Overall Novice Extended Intermediate Line Group
Don't Drop That (Hip Hop)

Highest Overall Solo Score
Laura (Tap)

Highest Overall Extended Line Score
One Nation (Hip Hop)

Costume Award
Pyar Kya Hai (Bollywood)

Overall Line/Group/Solo/Duo/Trio Awards

Teen Extended Line
1st - One Nation (Hip Hop)
3rd - Feathers & Talons (Jazz)
5th - Into the Light (Lyrical)

Junior Extended Line
2nd - Ante Up (Hip Hop)

Junior Large Group
3rd - Seussical
4th - Bellhop Boogie

Inter Large Group
1st - Boys Will Be Boys (Hip Hop)

Teen Large Group
3rd - Tapstruction

Junior Small Group
1st - The Zoo (Hip Hop)

Teen Small Group
1st - Clair de Lune (Ballet)
4th - The Bluprint (Hip Hop)
5th - Dancing Fool (Tap)

Senior Small Group
3rd - My Faith (Lyrical)

Teen Trio
1st - Six Feet (Tap - Dayna, Gabriela, Laura)
3rd - Night of the Dancing Flame (Jazz - Annika, Camryn, Laura)
4th - I'm a Brass Band (Tap - Annika, Camryn, Haley)

3rd - Our Time (Sabrina, Sara, Théa)

Junior Trio
1st - These Three (Hip Hop - Maclean, Marcus, Tyrell)
3rd - My Hair Looks Fierce (Hip Hop - Alexia, Kayleah, Samantha)
4th - Together Wherever We Go (Song & Dance - Paige, Chloe)

Teen Solo
1st - Laura (Tap)
5th - Shannon (Contemporary)

Senior Solo
1st - Ally (Contmemporary)
4th - Annika (Lyrical)

Professional Solo
1st - Brandon (Hip Hop)



Childrens Line Groups
Ante Up - 2nd Place

Junior Large Group
Boys Will Be Boys - 2nd Place

Junior Duet/Trio
Our Time (Sara/Sabrina/Théa Hip Hop) - 3rd Place

Senior Line Group
Feathers & Talons - 2nd Place

Senior Large Group
Tapstruction - 3rd Place

Senior Solo
Emphasis (Annika Lyrical) - 3rd Place

Fever Dance Championship

Regina, SK

Junior 100 Degree Dance Off Champions
Ante Up (Hip Hop)

Senior 100 Degree Dance Off Finalist
Tapstruction (Tap)

Junior Overalls

Line Group
Ante Up (Hip Hop) - 5th Place

Large Group
Seussical (Tap) - 2nd Place

Small Group
The Zoo (Hip Hop) - 4th Place

These Three (Tyrell/Maclean/Marcus Hip Hop) - 1st Place


Intermediate Overalls

Line Group
Boys Will Be Boys (Hip Hop) - 5th Place

Our Time (Sara/Sabrina/Théa Hip Hop) - 4th Place
A Little More of You (Tyler/Brianna/Juliana Lyrical) - 3rd Place

Lost & Found (Sara Contemporary) - 1st Place


Senior Overalls

Line Group
Feathers & Talons (Jazz) - 3rd Place
One Nation (Hip Hop) - 1st Place

Large Group
Tapstruction (Tap) - 1st Place

Small Group
Dancing Fool (Tap) - 5th Place
Bluprint (Hip Hop) - 4th Place
My Faith (Lyrical) - 2nd Place

Til Enda (Ally/Shannon Contemporary) - 5th Place
Six Feet (Gabriela/Dayna/Laura Tap) - 2nd Place

Hope Everlasting (Ally Contemporary) - 5th Place
B-Don or B (Brandon Hip Hop) - 4th Place
Luminous (Shannon Contemporary) - 3rd Place