2015/2016 AWARDS

CanDance Competition

CanDance Overalls

Judges Awards:
Senior People's Choice Nomination - Beneath My Wings (Lyrical Line Group)
Junior People's Choice Nomination - Testimonial (Hip Hop Line Group)
Senior Choreography Award - Beneath My Wings (Lyrical Line Group)
Senior Costume Award - Mera Jiya (Bollywood Line Group)

CanDance Awards

Diamond Dance-off

Senior Division
Champion - Beneath My Wings (Lyrical Line Group)

Junior Division
2nd Place - Only You (Lyrical Line Group)
3rd Place - Testimonial (Hip Hop Line Group)

Overall Groups/Solo/Duo/Trio

Senior Line Groups
1st Place - Beneath My Wings (Lyrical)
2nd Place - The Battleground (Jazz)
3rd Place - Mera Jiya (Bollywood)

Teen Line Groups
1st Place - It Was All In Your Mind (Hip Hop)

Junior Line Group
1st Place - Testimonial (Hip Hop)
2nd Place - Only You (Lyrical)

Senior Large Groups
2nd Place - Passion (Ballet)

Teen Small Group
3rd Place - Sitting on the Roof of the World (Lyrical)

Senior Small Group
3rd Place - Cirrus Serenade (Ballet)

Teen Duo/Trio
3rd Place - Heart Cry (Ally & Shannon Contemporary)

Teen Solo
6th Place - Through the Invisible (Shannon Lyrical)
7th Place - Latch (Laura Tap)
8th Place - Angel (Brianna Lyrical)
10th Place - Collide (Sara Lyrical)

Senior Solo
4th Place - Balkan Beats (Annika Contemporary)
7th Place - The Sounds Between (Alex H Contemporary)
8th Place - Speaking in Tongues (Matthew Tap)


Junior Mr. Regina
1st Runner-Up - Marcus (Tap)

Teen Mr. Regina
Winner - William (Tap)
2nd Runner-Up - Hayden (Hip Hop)
3rd Runner-Up - Tyler (Contemporary)
4th Runner-Up - Alex G (Musical Theatre)

Teen Miss Regina
2nd Runner-Up - Shannon (Lyrical)
3rd Runner-Up - Laura (Tap)

Senior Mr. Regina
2nd Runner-Up - Matthew (Tap)

Senior Miss Regina
Winner - Annika (Contemporary)
2nd Runner-Up - Alex H (Contemporary)

Manitoba Dance Festival Overall

Junior Jazz Adjudicator's Choice
Kapow Bang Pop

Professional Conduct Award
Beneath My Wings - selected to perform at Gala

Scholarship Recipients

Zachary - Junior Musical Theatre
Tyrell - Junior Hip Hop
Ally - Senior Lyrical
Camryn/Katelyn/Annika - Senior Performing Jazz

Jump Dance Convention

Jazz, Contemporary, & Lyrical Scholarship
Tyler, Alex H, and Haley M

Ballet Scholarship
Alex H

Rock Star Dancer
Alex H

View Dance Challenge

The View Dance Challenge 2016 Overalls

Top Studio Award Recipient

Highest Score of the Competition
The Battleground (Jazz)

Professional Overall
Sara (Hip Hop)

Teen Overall
The Battleground (Jazz)

Overall Novice Production
Party Up! (Hip Hop)

Costume Award
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Hip Hop)

The View Dance Challenge 2016

Overall Line/Group/Solo/Duo/Trio Awards

Teen Line Group
1st The Battleground (Jazz)
2nd Beneath My Wings (Lyrical)
3rd It Was All in Your Mind (Hip Hop)
5th Mera Jiya (Bollywood)

Inter Line Group
5th Testimonial (Hip Hop)

Junior Line Group
4th Burn It Up (Hip Hop)
5th Peter Pan and the Fairies (Jazz)

Teen Large Group
2nd Passion (Ballet)

Inter Large Group
3rd Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Hip Hop)

Junior Large Group
1st Boys Will Be Boys (Hip Hop)

Teen Small Group
2nd Cirrus Serenade (Ballet)
3rd ..to Dance (Lyrical)
4th Yonce (Jazz)

Professional Solo
1st Sara (Hip Hop)
3rd Sara (Lyrical)
5th Aisha (Ballet)

Senior Solo
2nd Matthew (Tap)
4th Annika (Hip Hop)
5th Annika (Lyrical)

Teen Solo
2nd Laura (Tap)

Inter Solo
1st Thea (Hip Hop)
2nd Sara (Hip Hop)
3rd Brianna (Jazz)
4th Haley (Contemporary)

Junior Solo
1st Tyrell (Hip Hop)
2nd Zachary (Musical Theatre)
3rd Kalleigh (Hip Hop)
5th Jenna (Ballet)

Senior Duo/Trio
2nd Shannon/Ally (Contemporary)
3rd Dayna/Mattew (Tap)
5th Annika/Camryn/Katelyn (Jazz)

Inter Duo/Trio
2nd Hayden/Sara (Hip Hop)
5th Sabrina/Thea/Sara (Hip Hop)

Junior Duo/Trio
5th Marcus/Tyrell (Hip Hop)