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CanDance 2012 Results - Regina, SK

Jazz Small Group 17-18
The Great Heist - Platinum, Commitment Award

Ballet Small Group 17-18
Praeludium - Platinum

Jazz Small Group 15-16
Don’t Stop - Platinum
Work It - Diamond

Lyrical Small Group 15-16 dance - Diamond, Tranquility Award

Hip Hop Small Group 15-16
I Am Nicki Minaj - Diamond, 1st Place
Love - Platinum, 2nd Place

Tap Large Group 15-16
Michael - Diamond, Choreography Award

Musical Theatre Large Group 15-16
One Short Day - Platinum

Hip Hop Extended Line 15-16
Welcome to My Hood - Diamond, Exciting Dynamics Choreography Award

Jazz Extended Line 15-16
Pride - Diamond

Lyrical Extended Line 15-16
Dream On - Diamond


12 & Under Solos
1st Place - Angel, Lyrical Solo
Shannon Ward

2nd Place - On & On, Hip Hop Solo
Sabrina Boge

13 & Over Solos
2nd Place - Ta Tikee Tei, Tap Solo
Danielle Brokopp

Duos/Trios Overalls
1st Place- Falling, Lyrical Duo, Diamond
Danielle Brokopp & Marcello Ranieri

2nd Place - I’m Dat Dude, Hip Hop Duo, Diamond
Danielle Brokopp & Jaydee-Lynn McDougall

3rd Place - Roman’s Revenge - Hip Hop Trio, Diamond
Devin Geworsky, Marcello Ranieri, Nicolas Simard

13 & Over Small Group Overall
1st Place - dance (Lyrical)
2nd Place - I am Nicki Minaj (Hip Hop)

13 & Over Large Group Overall
1st Place - Michael (Tap)

13 & Over Line/Extended Lines
3rd Place - Pride (Jazz)

Senior Diamond Dance-Off
1st Place - Michael (Tap Large Group)
3rd Place - dance (Lyrical Small Group)

Junior Miss CanDance - Regina
1st Place - Shannon Ward
2nd Place - Sabrina Boge

Teen Miss CanDance - Regina
1st Place - Jaydee-Lynn McDougall
3rd Place - Jasmine Simard

Senior Miss CanDance - Regina
2nd Place - Danielle Brokopp

Mr. CanDance - Regina
1st Place - Marcello Ranieri

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